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Friday, July 21, 2006

Show Your Love For Barry


So Mister Bonds has wiggled his way out of another tight spot yesterday. The prosecutors say they will call another Grand Jury together though. Bond's lawyer stated eloquently, "They don't have enough to indict a ham sandwich!"

I wish they would nail this guy.

As for showing your love for Barry. On his last visit to Philadelphia my friend found shirts online that about 23 of us wore to everygame. It got us some funny looks and a close up on ESPN. Our goal is to have a few of us get to a game in SF and wear the shirts. I am sure it wouldn't go over that well.

Anyone that goes to Giants games regularly and has the balls to wear the shirt please report back. BAN BARRY

Pictures of the lame SF fan's reactions would be even better.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Google Checkout Flunks

I placed an order with on July 7, 2006. No problem, very slick. I received an e-mail from both Google and thanking me for my order. Days came and went.......

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wil Wheaton Gets His Geek On At E3

Wil Wheaton visits E3 2006 in search of the next wave of games, gadgets, and virtual rock stardom. Gonzo Journalism, geek-style, from The AV Club.

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The Truth Behind The iPod nano Class Action Suit

\"The truth is that I never sought out nor did I ever hire David P. Meyer & Associates or Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro to represent me in any case, much less the iPod Nano Class Action suit\"

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Best Damn Fight

Well Tom Arnold is at it again. He has a new book coming out and was promoting it on his old show, The Best Damn Sports Show Period. He evidently has written some personal stuff, and insults about the current panel including Michael Strahan. None of them appreciated it, but Strahan took care of him.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Podcast Software

TrafficMover is getting ready to jump into the podcast craze head first. We are currently talking about joining together with a few other popular bloggers and creating a new podcast series. Now we have a bunch of ideas, but would like to hear from our readers also.

What subjects would you like to hear discussed?
What podcasts do you currently check out everyday?
If you produce a podcast, which software do you use or recommend?
Do you listen on your Ipod or just on your PC/Mac?

If you have the chance give us a shout with your thoughts.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Anyone else had enough of MySpace?

Myspace this, myspace that. Virtual friends. A list of 100's of people in your friends list? This could only mean that the list of real world friends is diminishing. I understand that this thing was a great example of viral marketing, but enough already. Hey there isn't any jealousy at all in this either. God Bless him for making myspace and selling it and getting paid for his hard work. I am just sick of it all.

What I don't undestand is that some small business' are getting on myspace. If I were looking for a serious service business and had to look at all of the ads and other bullshit on there I would go nuts.

That said, I realize that this thing took of because of the 'tween market. I just read somewhere that they are slowly becoming a HUGE target market. This makes sense since they will be the people controlling the money in the near future.

Well that is my rant on Myspace. And if you want to reply you can see my, myspace.............just kidding.

Sopranos Week Two

If you read my post on the Soprano's Season Premiere you already know my feelings on the subject. Again maybe it is me, but the secound episode didn't hold my interest either. I understand that they were moving the character of AJ along and making him complex, but 45 minutes of hospital sets. If I have to look at Tony Soprano laying on his back with tubes hangin out of him next week I am out. We know! He was shot!

The best part of the episode was when AJ was talking to the big guy and saying that he wouldn't let Junior get away with this. He was gonna put a f&%#ing bullet in him he said.

Oh and incase you came in late on the episode and saw Tony Soprano falling down the steps, or fighting in the lobby of the hotel, you didn't miss a thing.

The preview for next week seemed to have a lot of action. Hopefully it will be better......for me that is.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

T.O to Dallas

Well first of all I would like to say, "Good Riddance." I would drive him the hell over there if I could. His time here in Philly went from great, to so-so, to a circus, to who the hell cares what this guy does. I guess there are very few people in this world that you could hire and instantly create a divide in your fan base. 50% for him, 50% against. What a great business move that is. Half of us wanting him to fail and the other half pulling for him. No such thing as bad publicity they say.

For your pleasure I will now have a few of my favorite T.O. quotes:

"I feel like football players are overworked and underpaid compared to any other sports."

"I'll watch the highlights every now and then but, as far as watching the game, I feel like I am the game."

"When I go out there and play I just play."

"Like my boy tells me; if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat."

And now one of my favorite quotes from him. One that he should have with him everywhere he goes and try to live by.

"Right is right and wrong is wrong."

And finally the quote that I hope I hear from him this season.

"I didn't see Dawkins coming on the play, but the next thing I know my knee
was blown out"

Good Riddance you selfish child!

Did France Win The NBA Championship?

I was watching the news and the reports came on about Paris, France and the protests over the weekend. There were 500,000 people protesting the new labor laws which would allow an employer to fire a new employee within the first 2 weeks if they are under 26. No, the law doesn't make any sense to me either.

While watching the news cast I turned the sound down and imagined I was watching people burn down Detroit after winning the NBA Championship. What ever happenned to the good old fashioned we won, now lets burn our city to the ground? Pittsburgh did a bad job of ruining their city after winning the Super Bowl. And Philly did a bad job after we won the, ...... ummm.........lets see,the last thing that we won was.........NBA championship in 1983! Don't really remember that one so much.

Let's all pull for Chicago, and Detroit to win the NBA trophy this year and show those pretenders of there in Paris, France how to do it right.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Brackets Are In The Trash!

Well the NCAA tourney is over for me. At least from the aspect of hoping to win one of the pools that I am in. There have been quite a few upsets in the first 2 days alone. My Penn Quacker's almost pulled one out over Texas however. My other team, Villanova, did win today though.

I guess I will watch to see how far 'Nova gets and to see if I had the winner correct. UCONN is my pick to win it all.

Good luck on all of your pools.

If anyone actually had any of these upsets let me know here.

Happy Post St. Pat's

So I pretty much forgot about St. Patrick's Day. I was busy all day and came home to work on a few sites and watch the NCAA Tournement. So the day comes and goes and I am watching the news that was on after midnight due to the games and they say something about St. Patricks Day celebrations in Philly and I realize that I haven't even had a beer yet. Not good. Scan the fridge, and find 2 lonely Miller Lights sitting in the back of it. So hear I am cracking my first beer about an hour past St. Pat's day.

Oh how I miss those younger years of ONLY thinking about having as much beer as possible on this day.

Happy St. Patricks Day to everyone!!! (better luck next year for me I guess)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Letterman Last Night

Anyone see David Letterman last night? Charles Barkley was his guest. During the conversation Letterman brought Charles's golf game. Barkley said that he retired from golf because he was beaten by a girl. The crowd murmured a bit and I thought that Barkley was going to backtrack on that statement, but he didn't. He just pushed it a little further stating that there is no way that a woman should beat a man. More noise from the crowd. Then he finished it by saying that if a man can't beat a girl at a sport then he shouldn't be playing it at all.

Now I know what he meant, and how to take it. That said I find it amazing that some people can get away with saying things that others would be raked over the coals for saying. It got me thinking that if I were a public figure that it would be in my best interest to be outrageous right from the start. This way over the years I wouldn't get raised eyebrows or bad press from saying something off color a bit.

Anyway, I have been beaten by girls in many sports. Namely; ping pong, and pong. Incase anyone cares, I am officially retired from ping pong from this moment on.

Natalie Portman

I wasn't so in to her a few years ago, but after watching Star Wars again and now seeing some of the pics in V For Vendetta, I agree with a lot of other guys; She is hot! In case you don't know it she had to shave her head for half of her newest movie. Even with that she is still pretty.

You can check out some photos of her with/without hair on the "V for Vendetta", website which is HERE.

If you actually see this movie post a comment and rate it for us.


Check back later today for another post about the NCAA Tourney.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

11 1/2 Hours and counting!

It is almost here. The biggest sporting event of the year. Well at least the most bet on. The NCAA Tourney. A few games I am looking forward to. Being from Philly I can't wait to see how deep Villanova can get this year. I am also waiting for the upset from U. of Penn. (not gonna happen)

I am also looking forward to Duke losing in the second game of the weekend. That would make the tourney for me. Just sick of seeing them around every damn year. G-Town will get upset in the first game also.

If you need last minute help with an office pool shoot me an email.
Most pools have to be in by 12:20 today. Don't be late and miss out.

Check out my other post on the NCAA Tourney :here:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dubai and ..... well you already know?

So by now everyone has read Mr Friedman's, Dubai and Dunces, correct. Here is the funny thing, I have looked at a LOT of blogs mentioning this and there is always an overwhelming feeling that people don't agree with him. Arguments such as, "they funded terrorists and had their money in their banks," "they recognized the Taliban as a governing body," "the terrorists had meetings in Dubai," are really silly. Lets take a step back and realize that right now there is money sitting in a bank somewhere in USA that has terrorists hands waiting for it, that alot of people recognized the Taliban as a governing body and did business with them and the terrorists meet in every country to a certain extent. Was there really a sign entering Dubai that read, "terrorists welcome."? Don't think so. Did some people in Dubai know what was going on with the Taliban and do nothing? I am sure. Are there people in America that could have done more to stop 9-11? I am sure.

All and all this was the wrong battle to pick for the democrats and some republican's. This is akin to profiling on a grand stage. ONnly time will tell how much the falling thru of this deal will affect our relationship.

Apple or Pc Problem?

So I was updating my Apple iTunes early this morning and received a dreaded error from Windows, "1607 runtime error". Well that was pleasant. So I searched and searched and found that with WinXP you must do a repair from the XP install disk. Now how is it that one of the most popular pieces of software would cause this. Not only is it a real pain to search for a solution, but now searching for the original install disks as well. You would think that Apple or Windows would fix this error somehow. I imagine that Microsoft doesn't really care about an Apple product not installing correctly, but it is a windows problem in the end. I have yet to find the XP disks or try the many other repair options found thru Google. Maybe a quick email to both Apple and MS will make me feel better at least.

NCAA Tournament - March Madness

It's that time of year again. I couldn't be happier. These few weeks really take my mind off of the everyday worries. After listening to sportsradio for the better part of Tuesday if was clear that if Duke gets knocked out in the second round if wouldn't be that big of an upset. I happen to agree with this notion. Listen, they lost two games back to back at the end of the season. The last time they did that was ........umm.............never maybe?

My final four this year will be:

Texas -vs- UCLA
Conn -vs - OH. State

Winner .....


Well we all know that it really won't turn out this way, and if it does I will have made a few bucks in the various pools.

Oh before I leave out you can download the pool brackets here (Maddux Sports)

Let us know what your Final Four and winner will be.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Salty Balls - Special Farewell

This has made me laugh a bunch of times over the years. I actually have it on my ipod as well. One last time now ........... everybody sing.

Isaac Hayes - Why After All of These Years

So Isaac "The Chef" Hayes has quit Southpark over his objections to their attitude on religion on the show. So for all of these years this hasn't been a problem and then all of the sudden. The buzz is that he was upset over a recent episode that poked fun at Scientology.

For whatever reason you will be missed

Clay Aiken - Gay or Not Gay

By now I am sure at least some of you have heard that there is a new tabloid claim about Clay Aiken's sexuality. Evidently someone has come forward with the claims and also has a sexy striptease video of Aiken's meant for another man.

Here are a few thoughts on this.
1. Is anyone really surprised?
2. Does anyone really care?

Let me answer the second question. Yes someone does care. There are a group of nine former Aiken fans that are preparing a lawsuit claiming that they had the wool pulled over their eyes. They are claiming that Aikens along with his record company and others misrepresented how he really was in private. How ridiculous can the public get?
This is totally illogical. I don't remember seeing Clay "Straight as an Arrow" Aikens on his record packaging. Do you?

Lets follow this logic and spread it out to other public figures and see who we can sue.

Heath Ledger - I have never heard of him and saw him kissing another man on screen but then I see him with a woman. I am confused by this. I thought he was gay for the last two weeks.

Bruce Willis - I have seen him as a policeman for all of these years and have just found out that he isn't a cop at all

Do you follow my argument here. This usually happens to comedians the most. A comedian will have a profane, racy act and people call him disgusting and that he is an asshole. It is just a character. There isn't any difference between a movie star, muscician or a comedian.

Lets get real and think before being led around like cows.

Have fun with that lawsuit by the way. It should hold up well in court.

Gmail - All Pro's, Not so many Con's

So I have been using Gmail for almost 2 years now. Somehow it had taken until just last weekend to forward all of my email accounts to my main Gmail account. Now Gmail gives you the ability to respond from any of your pop mail account names. For instance you have a comcast email account forwarded to your Gmail account. When you receive an email and respond it will look like it has come from your comcast account rather then your Gmail account. This has come in quite handy recently when responding to my business email account.

The question now is this. Does anyone out there have viable reason's not to use Gmail? By viable I mean not the old, "They read your email because they deliver ads targeted to them." Bring something else to the table. Let me hear em'.

Monday, March 13, 2006


So my brother has become crazed over snowboarding. I know there must be some funny video of him falling in his digital camera, but I haven't gotten it yet. Just for the hell of it we'll say this is him.


Big Love Series Premiere

Big Love? Bigger character development and story line. Just a mere five minutes after wondering if Tony Soprano had bought the farm, I was drilled with many characters to remember and a plot line that didn't keep my attention. The funny part about this is that I will wind up watching most weeks due to the fact that it is on after the Sopranos. I have a feeling that Greys Anatomy will be getting a few of their viewers back on Sunday nights if this stays the same.

Google Calendar

So Google's newest project will be a web based calendar. Surely it will be intergrated into Gmail & the Google Homepage. Maybe the will use their technology to suggest something for you to do on a certain date. :)

Get all of the facts and a few screenshots from

Sopranos Season Premiere

Well after the long wait the Sopranos season premiere has come and gone. I must be honest and say that the first 35 minutes really didn't keep my attention. I think that was partly my fault due to the fact that I had watched the last season during the week leading up to the premiere. All of the action from the last episodes had my hyped up for the show.

So now the debate will rage for another 6 days and 23 hours. Is Tony Soprano dead? No, no and no!!! How could he be. There aren't any other characters strong enough to carry the show.

Does anyone else feel like slapping the shit out of Tony's kid. Oh and speaking of Tony's offspring. Meadow has certainly grown up huh?

All and all a good night and a few twists towards the end of the show. No previews for next week though. Who knows maybe they will surprise us and kill him off? Nah.....

We'll talk again next week

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I have created this blog to explore the ways of gaining traffic thru Google and other search engines? One of the biggest things on the internet right now is "viral marketing" which used the old word of mouth style means of creating a buzz about your site.